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Interesting Facts About Lightning…

If you have been keeping an eye on our Facebook page recently, you will have seen we did a interesting fact a day for 10 days. All the 10 facts can be found here within this post.   Fact One… The Speed of Lightning While the flashes we see as a result of a lightning […]

Fitting our Surge Devices into traditional manufacturers mains units

This is a question that will crop up quite a lot this year, especially as Surge Protection gains popularity through the 18th edition of the wiring regulations. We have been asked time and time again over the years about whether contractors are allowed to install our Surge Protection Device into a traditional manufacturers mains unit. […]

Training – How to sell a domestic surge arrester…

This month we will be focusing on how to sell a domestic surge arrester. I wanted to start with the domestic market as it is generally more difficult to sell a domestic surge arrester than it is one for a commercial or industrial installation. With a domestic installation according to the Regs it is only […]

Lightning Protection – Product Focus – 10651/LED

Last week we discussed lightning protection being mandatory if the building is fed by over-head lines or it has external lightning protection. To follow on from that, in this week’s blog we will be talking about a specific device, the 10651/LED. Why It’s Installed: For those that missed our last blog, here’s a quick re-cap on […]

Lightning & Surge Protection; What is Mandatory?

It’s all very confusing when it comes to trying to work out what’s mandatory and what’s a recommendation when it comes to lightning & surge protection. This week in our fortnightly blog we decided to try and make it all a bit clearer for you. What is mandatory?   Lightning Protection Lightning protection is mandatory […]

Why should you fit a surge arrester in your home?

Domestic surge arrestors are not mandatory, so why are so many people now fitting them? The reason is money. The cost of a domestic surge arrestor such as our SY2-D is negligible compared with buying a new TV or replacing the electrical items in your house. Do a quick mental calculation of how much your […]