Free CPD Training on Surge Protection: The Basics & Intro to 18th Edition

During these uncertain times, businesses are changing the way they operate in order to survive. We are exactly the same. We are a family owned and run company that strives to provide outstanding customer service at all times. We believe in a personal level of service at all times. We believe education is very important, especially when it comes to Lightning & Surge protection devices. They do say knowledge is power for a reason!

We are taking this time and opportunity to concentrate on on-line webinars focused at educating people from all over the country on lightning and surge protection devices.

In this 45 minute webinar we aim to explain the regulations surrounding the installation of surge devices, explain which device you need, and where to fit it.

We also open up the mic for a question and answer time at the end.

We have a range of dates and times to suit.

If you would like anymore information on these webinars, please contact Kirsty at