New Product!!! Type 1+2+3, 100kA, Full mode protection common and differential

We have added a new product to our range that directly competes with the Furse ESP415M1. This new product provides enhanced protection to BSEN62305 & BSEN61643. The technical specs are listed below…

  • Very low let through voltage between all conductors less than 600V
  • Full mode protection, phase to earth, phase to neutral, neutral to earth
  • Combined arrester Type 1+2+3 can handle lightning currents and protect sensitive electronic equipment
  • Lightning protection Level 1, which is the highest 100kA 10/350µs
  • Three way visual indication of status
  • Remote changeover contacts can be linked to BMS, buzzer, light etc
  • No earth leakage, means RCD, RCCB will not trip
  • Will extinguish follow currents after activation
  • Din rail mountable
  • Manufactured in Europe by market leading company
  • Can be supplied in a metal or polycarbonate IP65 housing for a small additional cost
  • Internal thermal disconnector

Available in three phase: 10811LED or single phase 10812LED.

Surge Protection Devices Ltd are always striving to bring out new, innovative products to add to their collection of over 3,000 products they already have.

If you would like any more information about this product, please contact our technical helpline on 01484851747.